1st Regiment of Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde (Horse Guards)

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Origin : French Empire

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Heirs of the Guides who returned from Egypt with Bonaparte in 1799, the Hunters of the Consuls Guard were born on January 3, 1800, immediately covering themselves with glory in Marengo on June 14.

Napoleon succeeded Bonaparte, and they became mounted hunters of the Imperial Guard in 1804, only to be dismissed in 1815, after Waterloo. Faithful among all, they were very rare to accept to serve the Bourbons afterwards. As for the Emperor, he was laid to rest in their legendary green robes.

“And so ends the body of the Guard, in which the story of the Napoleonic Epic was most embodied, the body whose green frac had followed Bonaparte d’Arcole to Rivoli, from the Pyramids to Mount Tabor, from Marengo to Austerlitz, from Berlin to Madrid, from Vienna to Moscow, from Leipzig to Waterloo.

(Maj. Bucquoy)

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