Lucotte, toy soldiers

Lucotte, since 1785

Founded between 1775 and 1790, so a little before the French Revolution.
The house Lucotte was specialized in the manufacture of pewter pottery.
In 1840, it also sold toy soldiers of the German brands Heirichsen and Allgeyer.


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Lucotte Newspaper
Published 12 years ago, it kept collectors informed of new creations.

Catalog of the 1900s
Discover the book Lucotte, 120 years old.
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Lucotte label

The Lucotte House

There has been surprisingly little written about the Lucotte soldiers. Renowned authors such as Dr. Donald Grant and the late John Garrat have previously speculated that Lucotte began production of his 55mm (pedestrian) and 75mm (cavalier) metal soldiers in the 19th century. After extensive research in the archives of lucotte, the French expert Blondieau and the former owner of the company Lynda Franceschi maintain that Lucotte actually started the production of his soldiers lead 55mm and 75mm in 1903 in Paris under the direction of Mr. P. Courtès, the son-in-law of a Mr. Lucotte who died in 1902. It is very interesting to note that it was also in 1903 that Britains seriously began to reshape its old German figurines, more realistically. this synchronicity on the part of both companies seems more than a coincidence.

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Churchill and Lucotte

Winston Churchill was a great collector of lead soldiers Lucotte and CBG Mignot since he was 5 years old.
He owned more than 1200 of them.
« The little soldiers were a turning point in my life », he said, so much so that this passion had developed his interest in the army.
Part of his collection is on display at Blenheim Palace in England.

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