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French General

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Marcelin MARBOT

Born August 18, 1782 in Altillac and died November 16, 1854 in Paris.


This valiant general participated in many Napoleonic battles and was wounded many times, he was even left for dead at the Battle of Eylau. In spite of this he never defected from the Emperor and joined him during the Hundred Days.

Marbot also left behind him memories of inestimable value, recounting at best the Napoleonic epic of which the Emperor will praise General Bertrand:

“This is the best book I have read in four years ! There are things he says better than I do; he knows them better because, in the end, he was more of a corps commander than I was. He is an educated man who writes well, simply and appropriately.

I urge him to continue to write for the defense and glory of the French armies and to confuse their slanderers and apostates.”



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