67th Line Infantry Regiment

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Origin : French Empire

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Born in 1672, dissolved like many others in 1815, the 67th of line (created Villandezet) was of all the wars of Louis XIV and Louis XV, of all the great battles of the Empire: Trafalgar (when the regiment served in the Navy in 1804-1805 . …), Straisund (with the Reserve Army of Pomerania), Essling, Wagram, Aspern, Lützen, Bautzen (with the Grande Armée), Gerona and Villafranca (with the Army of Catalonia), Mincio and Genoa (with the Army of Italy), Macon and Lyon (with the Army of Lyon) …

In 1815, when it was dissolved, the 67th Line was part of the Army of the Alps.

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